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Latest posts

  1. Invitation to attend the ‘China and Higher Education: Responding to a changing world‘ online conference hosted by Manchester University and Lingnan University is available. Conference dates: 6-9 Dec 2021.
  2. A book review for ‘Exploring Diary Methods in Higher Education Research‘ is available. This is edited by Xuemeng Cao and Emily Henderson and is reviewed by Yan Chen.
  3. A survey invitation on ‘How international students make decisions about study destinations‘ is available: UK portal and Australia portal.
  4. A Call for Dictionary Entries: ‘Dictionary of Mobility and Borders‘ is available.
  5. A Special Issue CfP in the Asian Pacific Education Review on ‘Asia as Method: Toward Ontologies and Epistemologies of Difference‘ is available. Abstract submission deadline: 1 October 2021.
  6. A 4-week summer writing programme is available to help you boost your productivity this coming summer.
  7. A CfP for an online conference on ‘Infrastructures and (im)mobile lives: Interruptions, Failures, and Repairs’ to be held on 21-22 February 2022 is available. Deadline: 31 August 2021.
  8. An online conference on ‘Re-worlding Chinese transnationalisms’ will be held on 26-27 August 2021. Download programme here.
  9. A video providing advice on ‘getting an academic job in the UK as an international student‘ by Dr Cora Lingling Xu (Durham University) is available.
  10. COST Actions opportunities for research on international student mobility is available.
  11. A Chinese video on practising meditation for graduate students and academics is available. This video is by Dr Jinting Wu (heartfulness meditation trainer) and Dr Cora Lingling Xu (interviewer).
  12. A symposium on ‘East Asian Identities in the Era of Global Mobilities’ on 15 May 2021 is available here. Register here. Organised by OISE, University of Toronto.
  13. A webminar on ‘Youth mobilities in East Asia’ on 11th May 2021 is available here. Register here. Speakers: Prof Johanna Waters and Jiexiu Chen. Discussant: Dr Cora Xu.
  14. A Call for Applications: 2021 Summer School in Applied Social Science Research Methods (Advanced Courses) in New York University Shanghai is available here. Dates: July 15th-31st, 2021.
  15. A CfP for a special issue in Journal of International Students on “International Students in China: Teaching, Learning and Management in the COVID-19 Pandemic” is available here. Deadline for abstract submission: 15 April 2021.
  16. A Call for Research Participants for a project titled: ‘COVID and Chinese and East Asian University Students in the UK: Safety, Security, and Communication’ is available here.
  17. A CfP for a special issue in Transitions on ‘Politics, Perils and Privileges: Immobilities in the Time of Global Pandemics’, edited by Peidong Yang and Michel Baas, is available.
  18. A Call for Abstracts for the Chinese Educational Research Association (CERA) Annual Conference 2021 is available. Deadline: 26 April 2021
  19. A Chinese video on how to reply to journal reviewers’ comments is available here.
  20. A book series on ‘New Mobilities in Asia‘ by Amsterdam University Press may be of interest to colleagues thinking of writing  a research monograph or an edited volume in Chinese education mobilities.
  21. Survey invitation–a survey on ‘foreign born/raised Chinese in China‘ is calling for participants if you fit the criteria. Join to win ¥200 RMB each at the completion of this survey.
  22. A free online conference on ‘Rurality and Access to Higher Education: An International Symposium’ on 31st March 2021 is available. Register here.
  23. A Call for Abstracts by the Cambridge Chinese Education Forum is available here. The theme is ‘Post-pandemic: Change Education for the Better’. Deadline: 10 April 2021. Abstracts to be sent to
  24. A CFP on ‘The Bordering Process of Transnational Migrants in Urban Spaces with/without the pandemic of COVID-19’ for the RGS IBG 2021 annual conference is available here. Deadline: 1 March 2021.
  25. New Chinese-language channels that provide advice on academic job searches and academic writing and publishing are available on Youtube ‘Dr Xu Gazing at Academia‘ and on Bilibili: ‘许博士看学术‘.
  26. A CfP for the CESHK (Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong) 2021 Spring Annual Conference on ‘Geopolitics of Knowledge and Education Policy’ is available here. Dates: Friday 12th and Saturday 13th March 2021.
  27. A CfP for a Special Issue on ‘The new geopolitics of international higher education’ in Globalisation, Societies and Education is available here. Deadline for submitting your 500-word abstract is January 15, 2021. Abstracts can be sent to Hannah Moscovitz and Emma Sabzalieva
  28. A CfP on ‘The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international student mobility’ for a panel at the 18th IMISCOE Annual Conference to be held in Luxembourg on 7-9th July 2021 is available here. Deadline: 20 Nov 2020.
  29. A call for participation on a project titled ‘International students’ experienced of UK universities during COVID-19′ is available here. Contact Cristina Costa:, or Huaping Li: for more details.
  30. A Call for Nominations for Best Paper Award and Best Graduate Student Paper Award by the East Asia SIG at the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) 2021 conference is available here. Deadline: 15 December 2020.
  31. A CfP for a Special Issue on ‘Teacher Emotions in Greater China’ to be published in Beijing International Review of Education is available here. Please send an abstract of 300 words to Dr. Kwok Kuen Tsang by 30 November 2020 at
  32. A survey invitation from Nanyang Technological University for Mandarin speakers only is available here. Inquiries should be directed to:
  33. Ten awards are available for application for ‘New Voices 2020: Awards for outstanding master’s and doctoral research on mobility’. Application deadline: 1 Dec 2020.
  34. A video on academic writing and publishing experiences for early career researchers, conducted by Dr Yang Hu (Lancaster University) for the British Educational Research Association Early Career Network is available here. Lots of useful tips and suggestions from Dr Hu.
  35. Call for participants: Education and Migration: [Online] Publication and Grant Writing Workshop for Asia-based Early Career Researchers. Dates: 14th to 18th December 2020, 16:00 to 17:30 (GMT +8) each day. Please submit your expression of interest here (Google Form). Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, until 16 November 2020.
  36. A special issue CfP on ‘Digitalisation of International Education’ in Journal of Studies in International Education is available here. Deadline: 1 Feb 2021.
  37. Two travel grants are available at the Max Weber Foundation – German Humanities Institutes Abroad (MWS) for a period of research of up to three months, for the purposes of fieldwork, archive and/or library research in China, preferably in Peking. Deadline of application: 16 Oct 2020.
  38. A workshop on ‘doctoral mobilities interrupted’ is available for registration here. Date and time: Wed, 7 October 2020, 7:00 AM – 8:30 AM BST.
  39. ‘The International China Studies Virtual Events Clearing-House’ hosted by Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies is available here. You can get information about past and future online research seminars on different aspects of Chinese studies.
  40. Three Doctoral Research Fellowships (SKO 1017) are available at the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, University of Oslo. If you are interested in conducting your PhD research on education mobilities (fieldwork in China or elsewhere encouraged), please contact Professor Heidi Østbø Haugen.
  41. A four-week ‘Writing on the Go’ writing workshop on boosting your productivity is available here.
  42. A CfP for a Special Issue on ‘Intersectionality and education work during COVID-19 transitions’ in Gender, Work & Organization is available here. Deadline for abstract submission: 10 Nov 2020.
  43. A Call for Abstracts on ‘Mobility, Time and Political Possibilities‘–the Deconstructed Diasporic Workshop is available here. Deadline: 19 Oct 2020.
  44. A Call for Nominations (Best Article, Best Book and Best Dissertation) for the CIES Higher Education SIG Awards is available here. Deadline: 12 November 2020.
  45. A CfP ‘Immobilities-A New Normal?’ for the 12th ICAS in Kyoto, Japan on 24-27 August 2021 is available here. Deadline for abstract: 21 September 2020.
  46. A prestigious PhD scholarship is available for the ‘Civic Sinoburbia? New Chinese Migrants and Everyday Citizenship’ project funded through the Australian Research Council. Details here. Application deadline: 30 September 2020.
  47. An AERA graduate student fellowship and research grant on rural education is available here. Deadline of application: 15 Sept 2020.
  48. A Call for Papers is available for the 3rd International Chinese Sociological Association (ICSA) Annual Conference on November 20-21, 2020.  Deadline for Submissions: October 2, 2020. Conference Venue: Virtual.
  49. A Call for Papers on ‘China and Higher Education: Navigating Uncertain Futures’ is available here. Please email abstracts of 300 words to by 7 September 2020.
  50. A Call for Applications for an emerging scholars program on “Migration Matters: Ethnicity, Race, Labor and Politics across Borders” at Boston University is available here. Deadline: 10 August 2020.
  51. A Call for Participants on ‘Students/graduates form Belt-and-Road countries in China: migration network and career trajectory’ is available here. Contact Dr Mengwei Tu at
  52. A CfP for a Special Issue on ‘Equity-oriented Teacher Education’ in Beijing International Review of Education is available here. Proposal Deadline: 1 Sept 2020.
  53. A four-week summer-writing workshop on boosting your productivity is available here.
  54. A book series with Amsterdam University Press is inviting book proposals on ‘Media, Culture and Communication in Migrant Societies’ is available here.
  55. A Call for Papers on ‘Coronavirus and its Impact on International Students: International Education in the Time of Global Disruptions’ is available here. Deadline for abstract submission: 1 Aug 2020.
  56. A call for research participants on Chinese academics supervising doctoral students is available here. Contact Lu Bing (
  57. A call for survey participants on ‘Chinese higher education governance during the COVID-19 crisis’ (新冠肺炎期间高等教育管理的政策分析和学生视角) from a student’s perspective is available here. Access the survey here.
  58. A call for workshop papers on ‘Racialisation and Social Boundary-Making in Times of COVID-19’ is available here. Deadline: 30 May 2020. Submit your proposal to and
  59. A STAR Webinar on COVID-19 (Public Health and Education in Transnational Society) is available here. Date: Apr 30, 2020, 10:00 AM (New York), 3:00 PM (London), 7:30 PM (Mumbai), 6:00 PM (Dubai), 4:00 PM (Paris) 10:00 PM (Singapore). Register here.
  60. A survey on factors impacting Chinese academic returnees’ research experiences is available here. Please access the survey here.
  61. A survey on Chinese academic returnees’ rationale, work and living conditions is available here. Please access the survey here.
  62. Drama workshops available for students from Chinese backgrounds in Leeds Beckett University. Details here. Dates: 4 April and 5 April 2020. Register by 8 March 2020.
  63. A Call for Papers for the 3rd Annual Conference of the International Chinese Sociological Association (ICSA) is available here. Deadline: 8 May 2020.
  64. The Overseas Young Chinese Forum is pleased to announce that the 2020 OYCF-Chow Fieldwork Fellowship is open to application from graduate students in humanities, social science and policy studies in a U.S. or Canadian university to conduct fieldwork in China for their thesis projects. Refer to details here.
  65. A Call for Chapters for ‘Applying Mobile Technologies to Chinese Language Learning’ to be published by IGI Global’ is available here. Send chapter proposal to Prof Xiaoge Xu ( by 15 February 2020.
  66. A Call for Participants on ‘Chinese Master’s students’ job seeking and employment’ conducted by Xianan Hu (Durham University) is available here. Complete the questionnaire here.
  67. A Call for Papers on ‘Diaspora and Education’ for the International Studies in Sociology of Education (ISSE) is available here. Deadline for abstract: 15 January 2020, to be sent to Dr Reza Gholami.
  68. A Call for Papers on ‘Resilience of Chinese children, parents, and educators: A powerful response to “lazy inclusivism”’ in International Journal of Disability, Development and Education (IJDDE) is available here. Contact Dr Guanglun Michael Mu ( for more details.
  69. A Call for Papers on ‘Emerging and (re)shaping higher education “identities” in China’ for a Special Issue in the International Journal of Chinese Education is available here. Deadline: 1 May 2020. Contact guest editors: Dr Kun Dai ( and Prof Mei Tian (
  70. A Call for Papers on ‘Mobility and education in Asia: an interdisciplinary discussion?’ for the Asian Studies Association of Australia conference, 6-9 July 2020, Melbourne, Australia is available here. Send abstracts of around 200 words to Zhenjie Yuan <> and Vickie Zhang <> by Monday 28 October, 2019.
  71. A Call for research participants on Inner Speech and Life in the UK as a Chinese student can be found here.
  72. A Call for Research Participants on Chinese Academics Overseas could be found here. Please contact Dr Bingyu Wang ( for more details.
  73. A Call for Collaborators on Vocational Ed for Non-traditional First-generation University Students is available here. Please contact Weiping Wang at
  74. A Call for Papers on ‘Im|mobile lives in turbulent times: Methods and Practices of Mobilities Research’ is available here. Send an abstract of 300 words to by December 18th 2019. Acceptance confirmation January 14th 2020.
  75. A Call for Research Participants on Work Place Inclusion Experience of BAME Millennial Professionals is available here. Email Dr Minjie Cai for more details.
  76. A Call for Research Participants on Chinese International Students’ Health Experiences in the UK is available here.
  77. Master of Research opportunities on Chinese Diaspora available here at Western Sydney University. Supervisor Dr Bonnie Pang. For further details, refer here.
  78. A Call for Papers on ‘Re-worlding Chinese Transnationalism’ is available here. Date 2-4 June 2020. Deadline 10 Nov 2019. Send your paper abstract (200-300 words) and bio (150 words) to Nonie May (nonie.may[at]
  79. A Call for Papers on ‘China’s Recent Strategic Inroads in Reshaping Higher Education and Research across Asia’ for a panel in the AAS 2020 in Boston is available here. Deadline 22 July 2019. Send your 250-word abstract and one-page CV to
  80. A Call for Papers on ‘Childhood in China’s Borderlands’ for a session in the AAS 2020 in Boston is available here. Deadline 15 July 2019. Send your abstract to
  81. A Call for Papers on ‘China and Higher Education: Knowledge diplomacy and the role of higher education in Chinese international relations’ at University of Manchester is available here. Abstract submission deadline: 31 July 2019 to Register here.
  82. A Call for Submissions for The Cambridge Researcher blog is available here. This is particularly relevant to Network members who are postgraduate students at Cambridge University.
  83. A Conference on ‘Students in Changing Higher Education Landscapes’ to be held on 14 June 2019 at the University of Surrey (UK) is open for registration here. There are some interesting papers relevant to Chinese education mobilities. For details, refer here.
  84. A Call for Papers for a Special Issue on ‘Conservatism and Education’ of the Jahrbuch für Historische Bildungsforschung 26 can be found here. The deadline is 30 June 2019.
  85. A Call for Papers for a Special Issue on ‘Experiences and Mobility of overseas Chinese Students and Scholars’ in Chinese Education and Society can be found here. The deadline is 31 July 2019.
  86. A Call for Papers is posted here about a conference on vocational education to be held on 7-9 June 2019 in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province in China.
  87. A conference on the method of using diaries in social science research could be of interest to NRCEM scholars. For details, please refer here. Date: 10 May 2019. Venue: Warwick University.
  88. A Call for Contributors for a Special Issue on ‘International Students in China (Chinese Edition)’ in Journal of International Students can be found here. The deadline is 30 June 2019.
  89. A Call for Papers for a Special Issue in the journal COMPARE can be found here. The topic is on: ‘What is an international student represented to be? Critical constructions from across Europe, ethical silences and future opportunities’.
  90. A scholarship opportunity is available at the University of Warwick for residents of mainland China and Hong Kong wanting to pursue an MA in Global Ed and International Development. Please visit here.
  91. Mr Wayne Furlong reflects on ‘The sameness of difference‘ by drawing on his extensive teaching experiences working with Chinese students across Australia, Inner Mongolia, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
  92. Dr Sin Yee Koh is seeking contacts and participants for a project on a Chinese international branch campus in Malaysia. Check the details here.
  93. Dr Cora Lingling Xu, founder and  director of this network, shares how she dealt with journal rejections as an early career researcher.
  94. Dr Cora Lingling Xu, founder and  director of this network, discusses how she balanced writing her PhD thesis, writing for publication, and gaining teaching experience as a PhD candidate.