Rural-Urban Relation

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  1. Dr. Yuanyuan LIU (Shanghai International Studies University, China), Dr. Benjamin H. Nam (Shanghai International Studies University, China) and Miss Yicheng YANG (University of Pennsylvania, USA) discuss Revisiting Symbolic Power and Elite Language Education in China: A Critical Narrative Ethnography of the English Education Major at a Top Language University in Shanghai. This is based on their latest article published in Educational Review.
  2. Dr Jiaxin Chen (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) introduces her forthcoming book ‘Class Consciousness Construction of Rural Migrant Children in China: Seeking the Alternative Way Out in Meritocratic Schooling‘, by Taylor & Francis.
  3. Dr Anning Hu (Fudan University, China) and Dr Xiaogang Wu (NYU Shanghai, China) discuss cultural capital and elite university attendance in China. This is based on their latest article published in British Journal of Sociology of Education.
  4. Dr Hui Yu (South China Normal University, China) introduces his latest monograph on Migrant Children in State/Quasi-state Schools in Urban China, published by Routledge.
  5. Dr Shanshan Lan (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands) investigates the motivations for rural-origin Chinese students to study abroad in South Korea and how their overseas experiences are mediated by the intersection of internal and international educational hierarchies. This is based on her latest article published in Pacific Affairs.
  6. Dr Yang Hong (Shaanxi Normal University, China) reveals ethnographic insights into the hopes and ambitions of left-behind children in rural China. This is base don her latest monograph published by Routledge.
  7. Baiwen Peng (Education University of Hong Kong) discusses Chinese migrant parents’ involvement in their left-behind children’s shadow education. This is based on his latest article published in Hungarian Educational Research Journal.
  8. Drs Lin Chen and Felicia F. Tian (Fudan University, China) reveal how the rural-urban gap in China have impacted on the career preparation trajectories of students in a Chinese elite university. This is based on their latest article published in International Studies in Sociology of Education.
  9. Dr Lena Kaufmann (University of Zurich, Switzerland) introduces her open access book ‘Rural-Urban Migration and Agro-Technological Change in Post-Reform China‘, by Amsterdam University Press.
  10. Dr Yumei Li (Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute, China) tells the story of a female college student from rural China–‘Living with solitude’. This is based on her latest paper published in the British Journal of Sociology of Education.
  11. Professor Rachel Murphy (University of Oxford) introduces her latest research on left-behind children in rural China, revealing the complex daily struggles, emotional toll and trenchant inequalities experienced by these children and their labour migrant parents. This is based on her recent book ‘The Children of China’s Great Migration‘ published by Cambridge University Press.
  12. Dr Willy Sier (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands) reveals the gender dilemmas and price of aspirations for rural education migrants in China. This is based on her two latest articles published in Gender, Place & Culture and The European Journal of Development Research.
  13. Dr Lisa Yiu (University of Hong Kong) discusses educational injustice induced by high-stake testing through expounding on the academic experiences of rural migrant children in Shanghai’s public schools. This is based on her recent article published in Comparative Education Review.
  14. Ms Jiexiu Chen (Institute of Education, UCL) depicts the emotional suffering and hysterisis effect in rural students’ first encounter with urban universities in China. This is based on her recent article published in Sociological Research Online.
  15. Dr Cora Lingling Xu (Durham University, UK) reveals how rural-origin Chinese academics from impoverished backgrounds navigate academia through institutional and cross-border educational mobilities in an attempt to mitigate rural-urban inequalities in China. This is based on her recent publication in Policy Reviews in Higher Education.
  16. Dr Hui Yu (South China Normal University) reveals how rural-to-urban migrant parents and children navigate marginalisation and inclusion in urban schools in China. This is based on his recent articles published in Australian Educational Researcher and Educational Philosophy and Theory.
  17. Dr Jiaxin Chen (Lingnan University, Hong Kong/East China Normal University) discusses how rural migrant children in China’s cities resist schooling, by drawing on her latest article published in British Journal of Sociology of Education.
  18. Dr Min Yu (Wayne State University, USA) discusses the politics of schooling for migrant children in urban China by drawing on perspectives from social movements and community mobilization. This is based on findings drawn from her monograph and published articles.
  19. Dr Meng Cheng (Beijing Normal University, China) introduces his research on the schooling and family experiences of rural students in elite universities in contemporary China. This is based on his recent book ‘College Material’ and Their Cultural Production and his series of journal articles. 中文版本
  20. Dr Willy Sier (University of Amsterdam) discusses the unequal access to quality higher education for rural-origin youth in China and the reproduction of rural-urban inequalities in the urban Chinese labour market. This is based on her PhD research and a few forthcoming articles.
  21. Dr Ailei Xie (Guangzhou University, China) discusses the rural-urban educational divides by introducing three of his latest publications on the experiences of rural Chinese university students in elite universities. He provides an apt observation on how shifting cultural practices in the current transitional era have shaped and been shaped by educational inequalities.
  22. Dr Hui YU (South China Normal University) interrogates the access and quality debates around experiences of rural-to-urban migrant children in Chinese urban state schools.
  23. Dr Tao Li (Northeast China Normal University, China) reveals intriguing insights into his comprehensive research on the underclass in an agricultural county in Western China中文版本
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