Institutional Mobility

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  1. Dr. Xiao Han (Tianjin University, China) discusses Governing through ambiguity in the normalizing society: The lesson from Chinese transnational higher education regulation. This is based on her latest article published in Journal of Education Policy.
  2. Dr Jingran Yu (余婧然, Xiamen University, China) discusses Mobile educational space and imaginative travellers in-situ: A case study of a UK international branch campus in China. This is based on her latest article published in Social & Cultural Geography.
  3. You Zhang (University of Toronto) discusses Rethinking Internationalization at Home from a System Perspective: Evidence from China’s Higher Education Institutions. This is based on her latest article published in International Journal of Chinese Education.
  4. Dr. Xiao Han (Tianjin University, China) discusses students’ perspectives toward Sino-foreign cooperation universities in the era of discursive conflicts. This is based on her latest article published in Higher Education.
  5. Xiaojie Li (University of Arizona, USA) shares how Chinese students on transnational education programmes make mobility choices. This is based on her recent co-authored article published in Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management.
  6. Dr Roie Yellinek (Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, Israel) discusses how Confucius Institutes in the Arab world act as a tool of influence for China to exert its soft-power. This is based on his recent co-authored article published in Comparative Strategy.
  7. Dr Xiantong Zhao (Southwest University, China) discusses how Chinese undergraduate students conceive of learning in transnational programmes. This is based on his co-authored article recently published in SAGE Open.
  8. Dr Jingran Yu (Southern University of Science and Technology, China) examines Chinese students’ perceptions and experiences in consuming UK transnational higher education in China. This is based on her recent article published in Sociological Research Online.
  9. Dr Ryan Allen (Chapman University, USA) explores how institutions in China conceptualise world-class status through university rankings by drawing on his recent article in Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education.
  10. Dr Cora Lingling Xu (Durham University) introduces her co-authored paper on a typology of contemporary Chinese higher education mobilities based on a systematic narrative review of more than 250 journal articles, media and government documents.
  11. Dr Jie Ma (Xiamen University, China) introduces the strategic and contingent interrelations in Sino-UK higher education partnerships. This is based on her recent article in Journal of Studies in International Education.
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