Overall Trends

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  1. Dr Canglong Wang (University of Hull, UK) examines the meaning of cosmopolitanism and its role in citizen formation in the context of Confucian education in contemporary China. This is based on his latest research article published in Chinese Education & Society.
  2. Professor Paul Willis’ new book ‘Being Modern in China’ (Polity Press) is introduced. This will be accompanied by a podcast episode with Paul to be released soon.
  3. Dr Tang T. Heng (Nanyang Technological University) reveals her latest research insights on the role of theory in qualitative research on Chinese international students. This is based on her recent article published in Journal of International Students.
  4. Dr Ji Ruan (Hanshan Normal University, China) discusses “Bribery with Chinese characteristics” and the use of guanxi to obtain admission to prestigious secondary schools in urban China. This is based on his recent article in Critical Asian Studies.
  5. Dr Shanshan Lan (University of Amsterdam) examines the intersections between the regulatory, the commercial, and the social dimensions of the educational migration infrastructure in China in her article on China’s self-funded study abroad market, published in International Migration.
  6. Dr Tingting Yuan (Bath Spa University) introduces her latest article on China’s Africa policies in a post-2015 era published in Globalisation, Societies and Education.
  7. Dr Anni Kajanus (University of Helsinki) discusses three latest publications of her innovative research into cooperation and competition in two Chinese primary schools against the social mobility backdrop.
  8. Dr Guanglun Michael Mu (Queensland University of Technology) reveals his journey to a critical sociology of Chinese education (mobilities) by introducing five of his edited and single-authored books.
  9. Dr Rob Gruijters (University of Cambridge) compares trends in educational mobility in China with those in Europe and the United States, by drawing on their newly published co-authored paper in the Chinese Journal of Sociology.
  10. Dr Cora Lingling Xu (Durham University) introduces her co-authored paper on a typology of contemporary Chinese higher education mobilities based on a systematic narrative review of more than 250 journal articles, media and government documents, published in Review of Education.
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