Gender and Sexuality

  1. Siyuan Zhou (周思媛) and Dr. Jing Song (宋婧) (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) explore how cross-border labour mobility was presented in social media, based on interviews with female mainland graduates who worked as insurance agents in Hong Kong. This is adapted from their latest article published in Journal of Chinese Women’s Studies. 中文版本
  2. Liuning Yang Dr Jo Smith and Dr Frauke Meyer (University of Auckland, New Zealand) discuss Gendered experiences at academic conferences: A comparative study of female Chinese STEM PhD students in China and New Zealand. This is based on their latest article published in International Journal of Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Higher Education.
  3. Dr Xing Xu (Sichuan International Studies University, China) discusses the enactment of agency of internationally mobile female Chinese PhD students in Australia through a gender perspective. This is based on her latest article published in The Australian Educational Researcher.
  4. Dr Ting-Fai Yu (Monash University Malaysia) discusses his ethnographic research on queer Chinese Malaysian students’ educational mobility to Taiwan. This is based on his recent publication in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.
  5. Yanbo Hao (Utrecht University, the Netherlands) discusses the gendered mobility aspirations in the study-to-work transition of Chinese international graduates at Dutch universities. This is based on his Master’s thesis supervised by Dr Maggi Leung.
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