Knowledge Mobility

  1. Dr Benjamin Green (Beijing Normal University, China) shares latest research on Problematizing Creative Labor Within Knowledge Socialism in China. This is based on his latest article published in Postdigital Science and Education.
  2. Mr Yifei Liang (University of Queensland), Dr Kun Dai (Peking University) and Dr Kelly Matthews (University of Queensland) introduce how the concept of Students as Partners (SaP) has transformed the teacher and student identities in Chinese higher education. This is based on their latest article published in International Journal of Chinese Education.
  3. Dr Jinting Wu (University at Buffalo, The State University of New York) critically rethinks scale in globalisation and education by examining the phenomenon of Confucian revival in contemporary China. This is based on her recent article in Globalisation, Societies and Education.
  4. Chong Zhang (Durham University) investigates the inequality of bypassing the ‘Great Fire Wall’ (GFW) in mainland China, and the possible difference in some “capital-enhancing” uses of the Internet between GFW-bypassing netizens and those still suffer from strict Internet censorship. This entry on Chinese knowledge mobility is based on his recent publication in First Monday.
  5. Dr Xin Xu (许心), Dr Heath Rose, and Prof. Alis Oancea (University of Oxford, UK) discuss the scale, structure, and influences of incentive schemes for humanities and social sciences international publications in China. This entry reports findings from Dr Xu’s three recent publications in Research EvaluationStudies in Higher Education (with Dr Heath Rose and Prof. Alis Oancea), and Higher Education.
  6. Mengyang Li (University of Hong Kong) reveals the major challenges that English-language academic journals from China have faced amid the global knowledge asymmetries. This is based on her recent co-authored article (with Prof Rui Yang) in Higher Education.
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