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In 2020, we launch two Podcast programmes, including ‘Meet the Author‘ and ‘Lived Experiences‘. These podcasts allow us to engage closely and authentically with authors as well as mobile subjects themselves.

Meet the author

Episode 1
Jamie Coates–Chinese students in Japan

In this episode, Dr Jamie Coates discusses the key findings of his documentary film ‘Tokyo Pengyou‘ and his recent journal article ‘The Cruel Optimism of Mobility‘ in positions journal. He reveals anecdotes and key challenges in making the film and publishing the article. He also looks forward to his book and grant application based on this research project.

Episode 2
Shuning Liu – New ‘Elite’ Schooling in China

In this episode, Dr Shuning Liu discusses key findings, empirical experiences and future plans about her latest book ‘Neoliberalism, Globalization, and “Elite” Education in China’. She also reveals anecdotes when conducting her fieldwork in a public high school in China, relating to her insider/outsider positionality and her habit of wearing a backpack. Shuning also looks forward to her upcoming articles and a second book based on follow-up research conducted in relation to this research project. 

Read the summary of this podcast. Read an introduction to the book.

Episode 3
Yeow-Tong Chia and Zhenzhou Zhao: Citizenship and Education in China

In this episode, guest editors Dr Yeow-Tong Chia (University of Sydney) and Dr Zhenzhou Zhao (Education University of Hong Kong) discuss their new special issue on ‘Citizenship and Education in China‘ published in Chinese Education & Society. They discuss how they conceived of this special issue, invited authors to contribute and reviewers to peer-review the submitted manuscripts. They note the gaps in literature on Civic Education in and of China and thank the contributors and peer reviewers for making great contribution to scholarship.

Episode 4

Ben Mulvey: International student mobility between Africa and China

In this episode, Ben discusses his latest research on international student mobility between Africa and China. This is based on his two latest articles published in Higher Education Policy and Higher Education. Ben discusses his motivation for conducting research in this area, based on his previous experiences of studying and working in various parts of China. He also reveals some tips for publishing as a PhD candidate and reflects on the ‘publish or perish’ cultural context in Hong Kong. Ben also shares the challenges and strategies of conducting fieldwork under COVID-19. He looks forward to completing his PhD project. You can access Ben’s articles here and here. Read a summary of Ben’s interview here.

Episode 5

Jinting Wu–Rural ethnic and disability education in China

In this episode, Jinting revealed her journey to conducting and writing her award-winning PhD research and monograph ‘Fabricating an Educational Miracle‘ (SUNY Press) as well as her recent article ‘From Researcher to Human Being: Fieldwork as Moral Laboratories‘ and chapter ‘Erasure and Renewal in (Post)socialist China: My Mother’s Long Journey‘. Jinting shared fascinating anecdotes during her fieldwork in China’s Southwestern Guizhou Province. She also provided helpful tips on how the publication process of turning a PhD thesis into a monograph. To read a summary of this episode, click here. To read introductions to Jinting’s articles, click here, and here.

Episode 6

Cross-boundary Schooling by Professor Johanna Waters and Dr Maggi Leung

In Episode 6, Prof Johanna Waters and Dr Maggi Leung shared their latest research findings based on their recent articles published in Population, Space and Place and in Geography. Jo and Maggi discussed their motivations for researching everyday cross-border mobilities of younger children across the Shenzhen-Hong Kong border, their main findings about the flows and rhythms and familial dynamics within these cross-boundary school children’s daily routines and in their families. They animated an interview with a former cross-boundary schooling student which shaped the conception of their Population, Space and Place article. They also disclosed the ‘secrets’ to their admirable long-term collaborations: seeing eye to eye with and having trust in each other. Jo and Maggi are working on a few more articles based on this piece of research and they welcome suggestions about how to develop this project further. Jo can be contacted via E-mail: johanna.waters@ucl.ac.uk & Twitter: @johannalwaters and Maggi can be contacted via Email: w.h.m.leung@uu.nl

Episode 7

Meritocracy and the Gaokao in China by Dr Zachary Howlett

In Episode 7, Dr Zachary Howlett (Yale-NUS College) shared his latest research published in his recent Cornell University Press book Meritocracy and Its Discontents: Anxiety and the National College Entrance Exam in China. He introduces main findings of his book, and shared intriguing anecdotes about his two-year-long fieldwork in three different high schools in Fujian Province. He also disclosed valuable tips for turning a PhD thesis into a book, such as organising book workshops to gain feedback from experts in the field and strengthen the book manuscript before sending it out for peer review. Zach also provided a sneak preview into his new research project the marriage patterns of educated rural-to-urban migrant women. Buy Zach’s book by applying the following promotion code to save 30%. Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, & Papua New Guinea–Use code CSV21MID at combinedacademic.co.uk; United States–Use code 09FLYER at cornellpress.cornell.edu or call 800 848 6224; Canada–Email utpbooks@utpress.utoronto.ca or call 1-800-565-9523.

Episode 8

The Children of China’s Great Migration: Interview with Prof Rachel Murphy (Oxford University)

In Episode 8, Professor Rachel Murphy (Oxford University) about her latest book (Cambridge University Press) ‘The Children of China’s Great Migration‘. Rachel shared her motivation for conducting this longitudinal research on left-behind children in rural China, the key findings of her book, and shared fascinating anecdotes when she conducted her fieldwork. Rachel also spoke about how she proposed her book to Cambridge University Press, and provided tips on applying for research funding as well as advice on fostering and sustaining long-term research collaborations. Rachel briefly discussed her future research projects based on this book. You can watch this interview and read an introduction to Rachel’s book. 

Episode 9

International School Teachers’ Lived Experiences: Interview with Dr Adam Poole

In Episode 9, the NRCEM spoke with Dr Adam Poole, Director of Research in the Institute of Impact Studies in Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), China. Adam introduced his newly published book: ‘International Teachers’ Lived Experiences‘ with Palgrave Macmillan. Adam also shared anecdotes during his fieldwork and his tips for publishing both (many) peer-reviewed journal articles and a monograph based on his doctoral work. He provided a sneak preview into his newer research projects.  Watch a lecture by Adam on the same topic and read an introduction to one of his articles. Watch the video of this interview.

Episode 10

Fragile Elite: The Dilemmas of China’s Top University Students_Interview with Dr Susanne Bregnbæk

In this episode, the NRCEM (co-hosts Dr Cora Xu and Miss Zhiyun Lisa Bian) spoke with Dr Susanne Bregnbæk about her impactful book: Fragile Elite: The Dilemmas of China’s Top University Students’ published by Stanford University Press. Susanne introduced her destined ‘fate’ to research China and how she chanced upon this important research topic when she was in China. She also shared deeply emotional anecdotes during her fieldwork and the incredible impacts of her book on contemporary Chinese young people which she discovered by chance.

Episode 11

Educational Hopes and Ambitions of Left-Behind Children in Rural China_Interview with Dr Yang HONG

In this episode, the NRCEM interviewed Dr Yang HONG (Shaanxi Normal University, China) about her latest book on The Educational Hopes and Ambitions of Left-Behind Children in Rural China (2021, Routledge). Yang shares important research insights into this book’s main findings and intriguing anecdotes during her fieldwork, as well as useful advice about responding to reviewer comments during the book review process.  You can find the introduction to this book here. Watch this interview on YouTube here

Episode 12

Rural-urban migration and the argo-technological change in China_Interview with Dr Lena Kaufmann

In this episode, the NRCEM interviewed Dr Lena Kaufmann (University of Zurich, Switzerland) about her latest book on Rural-Urban Migration and Agro-Technological Change in Post-Reform China (2021, Amsterdam University Press). Lena shares important research insights into this book’s main findings and intriguing anecdotes during her fieldwork, as well as useful advice about turning a PhD thesis into a research monograph. Download this open access book here. Read an introduction to this book here. Watch this interview on YouTube here.

Episode 13

Rural Chinese students studying abroad & precarity of white teachers in China_Dr Shanshan Lan

In this episode, the NRCEM interviewed Dr Shanshan Lan (University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands) about her latest articles published in Pacific Affairs and in American Anthropologist on rural Chinese students studying abroad in Korea and the precarity of white teachers in China’s English language teaching scene respectively. Shanshan shares important research insights into the ‘migration’ life trajectories of her research projects and the publication processes of her articles. She provides some excellent advice in academic writing as a craft as well. Read an introduction to her article in Pacific Affairs here and her article in American Anthropologist here.

Episode 14

Dreams of Flight-The Lives of Chinese Women Students in the West_Interview with A/P Fran Martin

In this episode, the NRCEM (co-hosts Dr Cora Xu and Miss Tong Meng) spoke with A/P Fran Martin (University of Melbourne) about her latest book: Dreams of Flight: The Lives of Chinese Women Students in the West published by Duke University Press. Fran introduced her motivation and experiences for researching the intimate lived experiences of Chinese women students in Australia. She also shared fascinating anecdotes during her field research and great advice on approaching university press publishers. You can read an introduction to Fran’s book here, listen to her share her main findings in Chinese here, and listen to her book launch talk here

Episode 15

Benefits of Studying in China-International Students from Top-tier Chinese Universities ‘Spill the Beans’_Interview with Dr. Jasvir Singh

In this episode, the NRCEM (co-hosts Miss Tong Meng and Miss Lisa Bian) spoke with Dr. Jasvir Nachatar Singh (La Trobe University) about her latest article: “Benefits of studying in China: International students from top-tier Chinese universities ‘spil the beans’” published in Journal of Further and Higher Education. Jasvir introduced her research motivation and experiences. She told anecdotes during her field research and offered some intriguing insights into writing/publishing. As an international academic staff, Jasvir also shared her own journey working outside of home country (Malaysia) and provided invaluable job-hunting advice for early-career international academics. You can read Jasvir’s article here and her book chapter (“An international early-career academic journey in Australia”) here.

Episode 16

Class consciousness construction of rural migrant children in China_Interview with Dr Jiaxin Chen

In this episode, the NRCEM (Miss Tong Meng) interviewed Dr Jiaxin Chen (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) about her latest book: Class consciousness construction of rural migrant children in China (2022, Routledge). Jiaxin shares important research insights into this book’s main findings and intriguing anecdotes about working with primary school children during her fieldwork. She also provides useful advice about using Paulo Freire’s theory in the Chinese context and the book publication process. Read an introduction to Jiaxin’s book here. You can also access Jiaxin’s journal articles here and here

Episode 17

The urbanization of people_Interview with Dr Eli Friedman on migrant schooling in Beijing

In this episode, The NRCEM (Dr Cora Xu) spoke with Dr Eli Friedman (Cornell University, US) about his new book ‘The Urbanization of People‘ (Columbia University Press). Eli discussed his incidental journey into researching educational inequalities and urbanization issues in China as a labour scholar. He explained what he meant by the ‘just in time’ urbanisation and what he argued to the an ‘inverse welfare state’ approach towards educational resource allocation in China’s mega cities such as Beijing. He also commented on how the most recent relaxation of the birth control policy may, to a limited extent, reduce the educational immobility limbos of some of the rural-to-urban migrant children. Eli shared his observations about benefits of studying in Beijing for the migrant children and potential (but small-scale) collective resistance among the rural migrant children, their families and schools. Eli in addition discussed the difficult work conditions and experiences of teachers in these migrant schools. Last but not the least, Eli disclosed some invaluable insights into how he went about writing and proposing his book to Columbia University Press and his next steps of research. We wish Eli all the best in his future research endeavours! Watch the interview here.

Lived experiences

Episode 1
Yitian Ren — Life as an international student amid COVID 19

Episode 4

JennyLife as an international scholar amid COVID 19

Episode 2
Jiexiu Chen — Life as an international student amid COVID 19

Episode 5

Xuemeng Cao – Life as an international student amid COVID 19

Summary of Episode 5 in English, in Chinese

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