University-to-Work Transitions

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
  1. Drs Lin Chen and Felicia F. Tian (Fudan University, China) reveal how the rural-urban gap in China have impacted on the career preparation trajectories of students in a Chinese elite university. This is based on their latest article published in International Studies in Sociology of Education.
  2. Dr Cora Lingling Xu (Durham University, UK) reveals how time and class shape the career imagination of Chinese international students in UK universities. This is based on her recent open access article published in Time and Society. Watch a video on this paper.
  3. Yihan WU (City University of Hong Kong) discusses factors influencing career decision making of Chinese students studying overseas. This is based on her recent article published in Frontiers of Education in China.
  4. A new research project that uses Digital Storytelling to explore how Chinese international students understand career and employment, led by Dr Cora Xu (Durham University), in collaboration with Dr Yang Hu (Lancaster University) is available here.
  5. Yanbo Hao (Utrecht University, the Netherlands) discusses the gendered mobility aspirations in the study-to-work transition of Chinese international graduates at Dutch universities. This is based on his Master’s thesis supervised by Dr Maggi Leung.
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