“China and Higher Education” conference invitation to attend

Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to the annual “China and Higher Education” conference, which explores international perspectives on issues on Chinese higher education, international students, and international HE policies. This year’s conference theme is: “Responding to a changing world: Does international higher education still matter?”

The conference is free to attend takes place online on 6-9 December 2021.

The full conference programme and registration link is available here: https://chinahe.wordpress.com/chinahe2021/

The keynote speakers include:

Philip Altbach (Boston College)

Ruth Hayhoe (University of Toronto)

Baocun Liu (Beijing Normal University)

Simon Marginson (University of Oxford)

We hope you can join us at the ChinaHE21 Conference.

All the best,

Choen Yin (Helen) Chan, Heather Cockayne, Miguel Antonio Lim & Jenna Mittelmeier

The University of Manchester (UK)

Joshua Ka-Ho Mok & Weiyan Xiong

Lingnan University (Hong Kong)

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