A Blended Training Course: Intersectional Approach Research on Diversity and Migration Narratives

Dates: 15 May – 19 May 2023 (virtual); 5 June – 9 June 2023 (in person)
Format: Blended
Total workload: 90 hours ECTS: 3*
Language: English (B2)
Location: València, Spain

More information can be found here.

General information:

The Intersectional Approach Research on Diversity and Migration Narratives program (3 ECTS, 90 hours) is strongly supported by the FORTHEM Diversity and Migrations Lab. The involvement, knowledge and expertise of the colleagues from the partner universities is essential for this event to take place.

This program is a “blended” course and includes one or more parts that are performed online and one part which is performed in person at the host university (Universitat de València, Spain). It is a programme carried out mainly in English language with some optional events in other European languages.

Throughout this training period Ph. D. students will first learn about the theoretical concept of Intersectionality, Hybridism and Boundaries and its direct applications to Diversity and Migrant Narratives from different fields and methodologies.

The Intersectional Approach Research on Diversity and Migration Narratives course is open to 15-20 Ph. D. incoming students from any Erasmus+ institution and to FORTHEM universities enrolled in the areas of knowledge of Social Sciences and Humanities: Education, Literature, Linguistics, Pedagogy, Psychology, Human Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Human Rights and Law as we are seeking for the promotion of an intersectional approach from all of these areas of knowledge.

The Intersectional Approach Research on Diversity and Migration Narratives course consists of a hybridization between virtual training (May, 2023) prior to classroom training in the city of Valencia (June, 2023).

Students’ Selection:

Interested participants please contact your International Relations Office at your home institution for further information regarding your application and funding.

Find more information in the attached document.

Managing editor: Lisa (Zhiyun Bian)

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