Call for Abstracts: China in Social Sciences (ChiNESS) conference – Emerging Research from the North of England

Time: 21 June
Location: University of Sheffield (in-person)

Recent years have seen significant changes and challenges across the globe, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, war and economic recession in many regions. Cooperation between different countries and regions is in urgent need to deal with global challenges and crises. China plays an important role in economic and political issues. It is also experiencing huge social and political transformations due to economic slowdown, demographic changes and technology development. To better understand China as a country and an important participant in global affairs, more research and discussions on China studies deserve our attention and efforts.

The Second ChiNESS Conference aims to bring together PhD students and early career researchers who are based in the north of England and share research interests at the intersection between China studies and social sciences. The conference will provide a supportive and welcoming environment for junior researchers to present cutting-edge research and receive constructive feedback on a peer-to-peer basis.

To draw a broader picture of the field of studies linked to China from an interdisciplinary and multi-context perspective with contributors from different countries and academic backgrounds, we invite abstracts from PhD students and early career researchers based in the north of England. Abstracts should situate at the intersection between China Studies and social sciences or humanities.Themes can include, but are not limited to the following ones:

  • migration, urbanisation and relevant social policies
  • gender, families and demographic change
  • digital media and political economic communication
  • politics and international relations about China
  • education in the context of international and internal migration

Important dates:

  • Submission of abstracts will be closed on 20 May 23:59.
  • Acceptance of abstracts will be notified by the end of May.

Please submit your abstracts (no more than 300 words) via the form. For further information or questions, please contact us via

Lunch and beverages will be provided during the conference. Please note that any travelling and accommodation costs should be paid by the participants.

Link to the first ChiNESS Conference in 2022:

Organising committee:

  • Yingzi Shen (the University of Sheffield)
  • Xinrui Liu (the University of Sheffield)
  • Shichong Li (the University of Leeds)
  • Linghua Cai (the University of Durham)

Managing editor: Lisa (Zhiyun Bian)

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