2023 Comparative & International Education Society (CIES) Annual Conference



Welcome to CIES 2023!

Welcome you all to the CIES 2023 website where you will find related information, submission guidelines and highlights for the 2023 CIES Annual Meeting. The meeting will run between February 14-22, 2023, with a break on February 16-17. We are aiming to provide you with an intellectually stimulating and joyful experience.

CIES 2023 is an on-site meeting, with online sessions. On-site, you will experience a full meeting with powerful keynote speakers, plenary situations designed to renew bonds between CIES attendees, social and cultural events, and of course, the main draw of the meeting, concurrent sessions with cutting-edge research being shared by CIES members. The Online Meeting Hub, similar to last year in the city of Minneapolis, is the only platform that is used to allow all attendees (including both on-site and virtual participants) to enjoy all online concurrent sessions. In addition to that, key events, keynote speeches, and CIES State of the Society are to be live streamed.

We are so excited to be hosting on-site sessions in Washington, D.C., and we will draw from the unique and rich regional culture and history of the U.S. Capital, as well as its pivotal place in the current fight for a more equitable globe. We will keep our underlying commitment that is to give all attendees the best meeting experience as we navigate the new directions we are taking CIES in the post-Pandemic era.

Please come back to our website regularly for latest updates of CIES 2023. After your submission, please log into All Academic (our online submission system), review the draft program, read about our highlights and REGISTER, so that you can familiarize yourself more with how to better enjoy CIES 2023!

Call for Submission

CIES invites proposals that respond to the meeting theme and expand the parameters of knowledge production and educational practice. Visit www.cies.us and www.cies2023.org for the latest updates on submission deadlines and guidelines, session format descriptions, review criteria, and more!


The Online Submission System opens on Wednesday, June 15, 2022, and closes on Monday, August 8, 2022, at 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time. No late submissions will be accepted, nor will any exception be made.


  • For inquiries about SIG or Committee-specific themes and calls for submission, please contact related SIG or Committee chair(s), whose contacts can be found by clicking here for SIG chairs and here for Committee chairs.
  • For inquiries about your submission and CIES 2023 Program, please write to the Organizing Committee at cies2023@cies.us with a subject line “Submission” and “Program”, respectively.
  • For all other general inquiries, please contact the CIES Office of the Executive Director at oed@cies.us.

Managing editor: Lisa (Zhiyun) Bian

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