Call for Chapters: ‘Diversity and Inclusiveness in Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language Education’

It is our great pleasure to inform you that we are about to publish a book tentatively titled Diversity and Inclusiveness in Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language Education will be published by Routledge. The book will be co-edited by Dr. Yuan Liang and Dr. Zhen Li, The Education University of Hong Kong, and will be published as the 4th volume of the Routledge Series on Chinese Language Education, which is co-edited by Professor Chi-Kin John Lee (The Education University of Hong Kong), Professor Ho-kin Tong (The Education University of Hong Kong), Professor Lening Liu (Columbia University), and Professor Boping Yuan (University of Cambridge). 

The purpose of this book is to explore pertinent theories, complex (even inconvenient) realities, and learning practices in and out of schools, as reflected by Chinese as a Second / Foreign Language (CSL/CFL) learners. It is hoped that the student and teacher voices, experiences and insights in each chapter may help all educators better understand and teach all CSL/CFL learners inclusively to maximize their learning and development from diverse backgrounds. A range of essential questions will be addressed: What kinds of learning needs do CSL/CFL learners have? What are the current teaching practices addressing the needs of learners from diverse cultural backgrounds or ethnic minority backgrounds? What are the central inclusive and non-inclusive practices in CSL/CFL teaching? What are the factors that lead to these practices? By addressing these questions through empirical research papers included in this book, this book will increase the awareness of the complexity in diverse forms of inclusiveness that the current CSL/CFL education involves and raise conceptual, empirical, and policy-related concerns and insights. Chapters may focus on various issues of diversity and inclusiveness in CSL/CFL education but not limited to any of the following topics:

·        Linguistic diversity in CSL/CFL classrooms

·        Inclusive teaching practices (e.g., linguistically responsive teaching/pedagogy, culturally responsive teaching/pedagogy, translingual teaching practices)

·        CSL/CFL teachers’ beliefs and ideologies of multicultural teaching

·        Teaching both heritage and non-heritage language learners

·        Teaching CSL/CFL learners with special needs

·        Teaching ethnic minority learners

·        Gender and sexuality issues in CSL/CFL education

·        Curriculum/textbook design for embracing diversity

·        Policies of inclusiveness

Submission Guidelines

Each chapter needs to be situated within the research literature, connect with teaching and learning practices, and flesh out the larger linguistic/sociocultural/theoretical/pedagogical/practical issues that are nested in their local contexts.  

Each chapter proposal should include:

1)    The title and a 250-word abstract of the proposed chapter

2)    2 to 5 keywords of the proposed chapter

3)    Complete author contacts information and professional affiliation

Chapter proposals are due by March 10, 2022. All chapter proposals will be peer reviewed. Accepted chapter proposals should result in a book chapter of approximately 7,000 words (including references and appendixes), due by October 30, 2022. The writing should follow the latest APA style (7th ed.). The target publication time is tentatively set for the summer of 2023.

If you are interested, please submit the title, abstract, and keywords of your proposed chapter via the following link by March 10, 2022:

If you cannot contribute at the moment but are willing to suggest scholars who study related topics, please also indicate their names and contacts via the above link. We are more than happy to invite them.  

Contact information

Co-editors of the book:

Yuan Liang, Ph.D.
Acting Head of Department
Associate Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Chinese Language Education
Department of Chinese Language Studies
Faculty of Humanities
The Education University of Hong Kong
Office Address: B3-1/F-36,
      The Education University of Hong Kong,
      10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, New Territories, 
      Hong Kong
Tel: 852-29487483
Zhen Li, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Chinese Language Studies
Faculty of Humanities
The Education University of Hong Kong
Office Address: B3-1/F-31,
      The Education University of Hong Kong,
      10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, New Territories, 
      Hong Kong
Tel: 852-29487180

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact the co-editors Dr. Yuan Liang and Dr. Zhen Li, or the editorial assistant Dr. Ruoxiao Yang, by

Thanks very much for your attention and look forward to your valuable contribution!

Wish you a happy and healthy new year! 

Yuan & Zhen

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