Stavanger-Lingnan Research Symposium 2022

International Mobility, University Governance, and Labor Market Relevance: The Nordic and East Asian Perspectives
31 October – 1 November 2022
University of Stavanger | Online

The dialogues on higher education development from Nordic and East Asian perspectives are not common in literature. Given the changes in Nordic and East Asian higher education development, the University of Stavanger in Norway and Lingnan University in Hong Kong will co-organise this research symposium and aim to introduce a cross-disciplinary, -sectional, -cultural approach to investigate the intersection between higher education, labor market, and social equality, and to provide insights into higher education systems and related public policies of two regions to tackle existing and emerging challenges in the current pandemic and uncertain futures.

Global competition for talented academics and deepened internationalisation are observed across cultures. This accompanies rising scholarly discussions, including, for example, new patterns of university governance and accountability and the inclusiveness and exclusiveness of an academic working and learning environment. Meanwhile, higher education has been continuously requested to equip students with enhanced employability to support an entrepreneurial and innovative knowledge economy, especially under/after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In specific, through the dialogue between the two higher education contexts, this symposium welcomes the abstracts covering the following topics:

  • Policies and regulations directing the dynamic changes in higher education
  • Graduate employment, graduate entrepreneurship, and transgenerational reproduction
  • Higher education in the context of regional innovation, digitalisation, and sustainable development
  • Individual perceptions and group experiences in a changing academic environment
  • International student mobility and wellbeing of international students
  • Internationalisation and transnationalisation of higher education: Comparative perspectives

Papers presented at the symposium may be invited to be included in a special issue on the topic “International Mobility, University Governance, and Labor Market Relevance: The Nordic and East Asian Perspectives.” The journal information will be posted in due course.

Keynote Speakers

  • Prof. Hugh Lauder, Professor, University of Bath, UK
  • Prof. Ka Ho Mok, Chair Professor and Vice-president, Lingnan University, Hong Kong SAR, China
  • Prof. Bjørn Stensaker, Professor and Vice-president, University of Oslo, Norway
  • Prof. Yuzhuo Cai, Adjunct Professor and Editor-in-Chief of Triple Helix, Tampere University, Finland

Abstract Submission

Please submit your abstract through the following submission link:

Important Dates

Deadline for submission: 31 July 2022
Notification of acceptance: 15 August 2022

Organising Committee

  • Ka Ho Mok, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
  • Dian Liu, University of Stavanger, Norway
  • Weiyan Xiong, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
  • Tatiana Aleksandrovna Iakovleva, University of Stavanger, Norway


We look forward to meeting you at the University of Stavanger or online. Should you have any questions, please contact Dr. Dian Liu ( or Dr. Weiyan Xiong (

Managing editor: Lisa (Zhiyun) Bian

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