Call for Submissions: The Cambridge Researcher

This following call may be relevant to Network members who are postgraduate researchers at Cambridge University, UK.

Write for The Cambridge Researcher!

The Cambridge Researcher is a new blog about postgraduate life in the humanities and social sciences. We are run by a team of Cambridge postgraduate students and aspire to a global interdisciplinary audience. We are currently looking for submissions from current postgraduate students. The blog editors are committed to publishing articles on a broad range of topics by a diverse group of writers over the coming months.

Our website is:

Submission Guidelines: The editorial team invites blog length submissions of 500-1000 words from post-graduate students in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Posts may be about all aspects of post-graduate life: research, life in the city of Cambridge, current events and their impact on students and their research, and anything else that might appeal to the current graduate student community here in Cambridge or around the world. Submissions should be emailed to:

Blog Launch:

Come to our official launch on June 10th to celebrate the blog going live. We’re keen to discuss blog proposals and ideas with as many students as possible over refreshments and cupcakes.

Venue: Seminar Room B, 17 Mill Lane

Time: 17.00-19.00

Date: June 10th, 2019


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