Research Degree Opportunity

Project Summary

One fully funded project in Cultural Studies is available. This PhD project will examine media representations and/ or lived experiences of P. R. Chinese women who have graduated from western universities, including Australian universities, and returned to China (haigui).

Degrees Available for this project

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Available Scholarships

Cultural Studies PhD scholarship: Chinese women graduates of western universities Funded by the Australian Research Councils as part of ARCDP230100442. The successful applicant will receive a scholarship package which includes a living allowance and full fee offset for the duration of their candidature.

Stipend Amount

AUD $34,400 p.a. (2023 full time study rate) for up to 3.5 years p.a. pro rata

Project Details

This PhD is attached to a research project funded by the Australian Research Council, on which principal supervisor Prof. Fran Martin is Chief Investigator. In recent years, large numbers of young women from China have chosen to study in Western nations. Motivated by desires to overcome gender discrimination in China’s labour market and to escape the neotraditionalist ideology that increasingly restricts women’s opportunities at home, significantly more Chinese women than men travel overseas for degrees. Prof Martin’s research project investigates how educational mobility affects these women’s lives in the long term, after their return to China. The attached PhD project will focus on a k..View full project details

Anticipated project start date

Tue Feb 20 2024

Offered by

Culture and Communication, Faculty of Arts



Managing Editor: Tong Meng

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