Call for participation: International Students’ Experiences of UK Universities during Covid-19

Call for participation:


International Students’ Experiences of UK Universities during Covid-19


Hello, we are two researchers: Cristina and Huaping. We are currently recruiting 2nd/3rd/4th year non-EU international undergraduate students studying at a UK university to explore their experiences of transitioning studies from on-campus to on-line during Covid-19.

大家好,我们是两位研究者:Cristina 和李华平!我们目前正在招募以下研究参与者:在英国大学留学的本科二、三、四年级的、中国学生及其他非欧盟国家学生。

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

If you meet the requirements and would like to participate in and/or find out more about the study, please get in touch with us (please see contact details below).


Your participation in the study will be invaluable in that it will allow us to understand how we can better support you in moments like the one we are currently facing.


Participation in the study consists of reflective diary entries (2 entries a month for a period of 3 months) about your experiences of university during Covid-19. Prompts will be provided to you to guide your reflection. Upon completion of the diaries, you will be rewarded a £30 voucher in appreciation for your contribution.


Participants willing to participate further in the project may be invited at a later date to partake in a 1-2-1 interview or focus group. A £10 thank-you voucher for each will be gifted.


If you are interested in participating in our project, please get in touch with us via email:


Cristina Costa:, or

Huaping Li: (请记得名和姓之间的下划线)

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