Survey invitation: Mandarin speakers please


I am looking for Chinese speakers to fill in a survey. I wonder if you can help by filling this survey yourself and also forwarding the survey to anyone who can do it.  Your help is greatly appreciated. I am also looking for speakers outside of Singapore – in fact, anyone who can speak Mandarin Chinese. So, if you have contacts in China it would be great if you could send it to them.  The survey will take approximately 20 minutes. It would be great if they can complete the survey by 18th October. I don’t know if this is too much to ask but if your friends/students can forward it to people they know it would be most helpful.

Many Many Thanks!!!

Photo by Lukas from Pexels


我们是南洋理工大学语言学和多语言研究系的研究人员。 我们的兴趣在于探索马来语,印尼语,华语和英语的情感词的范围和深度。本问卷中的问题涉及各种语言的的情感词的强烈程度和正负值(即好或坏的情绪)。您的参与将为我们的研究项目提供宝贵的数据,协助我们创建多语言情感词词库。

请点击此链接 城市的心情 – 华语情感词的范围和深度



参与本次调查是完全自愿的,您可以在任何时候退出本调查。如果您有任何疑问,请随时联系副教授 黄美真(电子邮箱。)

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