STAR Webinar on COVID-19 (Public Health and Education in Transnational Society)

Greetings from the STAR Scholars Network! We are writing to invite you to join the upcoming webinar series. 

Please take a minute to register in advance to attend the event: 

Topic: STAR Webinar on COVID-19 (Public Health and Education in Transnational Society)
Register in advance for this webinar:

When: Apr 30, 2020, 10:00 AM (New York), 3:00 PM (London), 7:30 PM (Mumbai), 6:00 PM (Dubai), 4:00 PM (Paris) 10:00 PM (Singapore)

WEbinar  (1).png

Bio of Sanjeeb Sapkota, MBBS, MPH

Dr. Sanjeeb Sapkota is a medical epidemiologist and works for the federal public health agency. He is the vice president of global health for STAR Scholars Network. He is also the chairperson of Health Committee of Non-Resident Nepali Association. After graduation from medical school in Nepal he worked for World Health Organization headquarters. He has been the consultant of public health to several health ministries in countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. He has published books related to pandemic that are available in amazon. 

Bio of Peiyi (Peggy) Hu, MD, PhD

Dr. Peiyi (Peggy) Hu is a Family Medicine doctor working in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA for 20 years. She graduated from Tongji Medical College in Wuhan, China. She had her PhD training in Cell Biology and Genetics/Biochemistry in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and in St. Louis University, USA. She had her Family Practice residency training in Springfield, IL.  Dr. Hu is also actively involved in local community volunteer service. She is one of the leaders in campaign to obtain PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) and donate them to hospitals and frontline fighters against Covid-19.

Please forward this information on to your colleagues or students who may be interested in attending—registration is free and open to anyone  with an interest in education, research and publication.


STAR SCHOLARS NETWORK, an international forum of scholars that advances global social mobility by using research and advocacy, has been looking for research community members. Visit the website to register on the STAR roster. 

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