Call for Papers: Emerging and (re)shaping higher education ‘identities’ in China for Special Issue of International Journal of Chinese Education (IJCE)

Submission deadline: 1 May 2020

Guest Editors: Dr Kun Dai (Peking University), Prof Mei Tian (Xi’an Jiaotong University)

Kun Dai

Dr Kun Dai

Prof Tian

Prof Mei Tian

China’s government and universities have taken many steps to internationalise higher education. Chinese universities are encouraged to collaborate with international partners on teaching and research. China continues to be the largest international student source country in the world. China has also developed its ability to attract international students to its own universities. Selected Chinese universities are also building campuses and research facilities abroad.

Such internationalisation diversifies Chinese higher education, and reveals opportunities as well as challenges. One critical challenge involves how Chinese people and universities perceive and (re)position their identify among the change. Much can be gleaned from foreign experiences, theories and methodologies. But it is becoming more important to move beyond such borrowing, adaptation and normalisation. There is an opportunity to build innovative insights into the nature and development of the ‘Chinese identity’.

In this IJCE Special Issue we invite discussions of and reflections on the ‘identities’ of different parties (e.g., policymakers, universities, academics, and students) in the current changes of Chinese higher education. We welcome contributions engaged with studies of ‘identities’ in Chinese higher education from different perspectives, i.e., sectoral, institutional, professional, or individual. Authors from doctoral students to established scholars are welcomed to contribute papers. Articles should make a theoretical or technical contribution.

Possible topics include but are not limited to studying:

  • Educational policy and identity
  • Globalisation/internationalisation of systems
  • University characteristics
  • Faculty education and research identity
  • Student characteristics and theories

Interested authors are invited to contribute a 7,000 word paper (including abstract, references, footnotes, tables and figures) to the two guest editors Dr Kun Dai ( and Prof Mei Tian ( All submitted manuscripts will be double-blind reviewed. All paper submissions will use the online editorial system.

First draft paper due for editorial consideration and review 1 May 2020
Papers returned to authors for revision 1 June 2020
Second draft paper due for editorial consideration and review 1 July 2020
Final submission after changes for publication 31 August 2020

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