Call for Research Participants: Chinese academics overseas



Project Description and Invitation

This research seeks to study the life and mobility experiences of Chinese scholars overseas. Our invitees should be: 1) born in China mainland 2) having received PhD degrees; 3) had been or are currently employed by overseas universities or research institutes (including those ones located in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). You will have the opportunity to talk about and think about your living and working experiences overseas. Participation should be an interesting and thought-provoking process.

Project Procedures

The interview takes approximately 30-60 minutes. You can choose to use either Chinese (Mandarin) or English. Interview questions will be around your everyday work and life experiences. With your consent, your interview will be audio-recorded, but you may choose to have the recorder turned off at any time and you may also refuse to answer any questions without giving a reason. The interview will be later transcribed and/or translated by the researcher.

 Data Use/Storage/Retention/Destruction/Future use

All the collected data will be used for research reports and future academic publications arising from this project (e.g., presentations at conferences/seminars, scholarly articles, chapters, teaching materials). All the collected data in digital format (e.g., digital voice recordings, electronic versions of transcripts) will be stored in password-protected computer files. After being retained for 6 years, the computer files will be deleted and all the hard copies of the collected data will be destroyed using a secure disposal service.

 Rights to Withdraw from Participation

Your participation is entirely voluntary. You can withdraw from the research at any time during the interview, and withdraw your data or information for up to a month after the interview.

Anonymity and Confidentiality

This research has been approved by the internal ethics committee of Department of Sociology and Social Work of Sun Yat-sen University. We will ensure that all identifying information about the participants is kept confidential. Participants’ names will be replaced with pseudonyms or codenames in the printed transcripts. No identifying information about the participants will be contained in any forms of publications or presentations. All the collected data will be securely stored and only accessible to research team members.

If you are interested in participating in this research or have any further questions, please feel free to contact us through the following contact details. We would really appreciate your kindest support for our project!

Thank you very much!

Yours sincerely

Bingyu Wang

Contact Details

Bingyu Wang

Associate Professor

School of Sociology and Anthropology

Room 201, Building 501

135 Xin Gang Xi Road

Sun Yat-sen University

Guangzhou 510275, P. R. China


WeChat: bwan973




  • 项目介绍和邀请


  • 访谈过程


  • 数据使用//保存/销毁/未来使用


  • 退出参与的


  • 匿名和保密

本研究已通过中山大学社会学与人类学学院内部伦理委员会审核。研究者会确保关于受访者所有辨识性信息的机密性。在采访录音转录稿中,受访者的名字将会被假名或是代码名字代替。任何关于受访者的辨识性信息都不会在任何出版物和报告中出现。 所有收集的数据都会被妥善保管,除了研究者和研究团队成员,没有第三方可以接触到收集的数据。







WeChat: bwan973


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