Master of Research Opportunities: Chinese diaspora research at Western Sydney University

Master of Research opportunities at Western Sydney University

Bonnie Pang

Supervisor: Dr Bonnie Pang (Diversity and inclusion in health, sport, and physical activity)    
School/Institute: School of Science and Health/Institute for Culture and Society


For those who are interested in Chinese diaspora research, underpinned by sociocultural theoretical perspectives, ethnographic and arts-based research methods:

(1) Chinese diasporic communities’ active lifestyles, leisure and health-related experiences
The research focuses on Chinese diasporic communities. The purpose of the research is to examine the relationship between health, sport, physical activity with the environment, the body, technology, inequality and identity. Students will have the opportunity to design their own research focus around these topics with Chinese-Australian communities.
(2) Chinese LGBTQ communities’ experiences in sport, music, art and their relation to health
The research focuses on Chinese LGBTQ communities. The aim of the research project is to understand their experiences in community sport, music, and art engagement and the impact on health. Students will have the opportunity to design their own research focus around these topics with Chinese LGBTQ communities locally and globally (e.g. Hong Kong, Australia, UK).

What research skills and soft skills will you learn?

  • Students will learn to apply a range of research skills from an ethnographic research approach with particular emphasis on qualitative methods. This will include: individual interviews and focus group interviews, participatory visual methods, mobile ethnography, and art-based methods.
  • Students will learn to understand and apply social theories and concepts (e.g. Bourdieu, Foucault, feminisms, queer theory etc.) to analyse the research data using qualitative data software (e.g. NVivo).
  • Students will further have the opportunity to collaborate with community partners (e.g. ACON, Hong Kong 2022 Gay Games committee) to organise and/or participate in community sport and music events for LGBTIQ Chinese communities.

What could be the research impact?
The research has the potential to significantly enhance Chinese LGBTQ communities’ sport, music, and art engagement, and to promote active, healthy and inclusive citizens in an increasingly ethnic and culturally diverse socio-cultural environment.

For more details, click here.

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