Dear Diary… Exploring Social Sciences Diary Method Research: Gender and Sexuality Focus

Date: Friday, 10th May 2019

Time: 11:30 (11:00 – 11:30 for registration) to 15:30 with refreshments and a networking lunch provided

Venue: R0.03 Ramphal Building, University of Warwick, UK

This one-day event, supported by the British Sociological Association, focuses on the use of diary research in sociologically-oriented social sciences research.

This event aims to raise the profile of diary research in sociology and the social sciences more broadly, with an emphasis on gender and sexuality research – there is no expectation that participants would be familiar with or using diary research, and the event is particularly envisaged as appealing to doctoral students who have not yet established their methodology.

This event will include an overview of diary method, and will also showcase a variety of types of diary research which have been used in different empirical settings. The event invites discussion of the potential – and the challenges – of diary method for social sciences research. All of the speakers have used diaries to research sociological concerns, including sexuality, gender and care.


•   Introducing Solicited Diaries as Method

 Professor Christine Milligan, Lancaster University

•   “I’m not saying that keeping the sex diary ruined my life but…” Private diaries: collecting fragments of sexual life

Dr Laura Harvey, University of Brighton

•   “I’m not really sure why I took that!” Exploring the everyday and the unexpected through photo-elicitation

Dr Michael Keenan, Nottingham Trent University

•   Capturing the minutiae of care: using diary method to research the conference experiences of academics with caring responsibilities

 Dr Emily F. Henderson, University of Warwick

•   Interactive session of providing and analyzing diary data

Chaired by Xuemeng Cao, Krystal Douglas, Sarah Staniforth, University of Warwick 

Further details and information on how to register can be found online at

Refreshments and lunch will be provided (dietary requirements can be catered for).

We would be grateful if you could disseminate this event within your department.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact:

Xuemeng Cao  

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