Scholarship Opportunity: For residents of mainland China and Hong Kong–Warwick MA Global Education and International Development

There is an exciting opportunity for China and Hong Kong residents to apply for a scholarship to enrol on MA Global Education and International Development in the Centre for Education Studies at the University of Warwick, UK. 

Scholarship applicants should be passionate about education and global issues and we are looking for high quality students who can justify and give evidence for their interest and ambition regarding global education.

The scholarships are worth £10,000 each and the deadline is 1st June 2019 and the entry point for the course is Sept/Oct 2019. The course is 1 year. Scholarship applicants also need to submit an application for the MA course.

Information on the exciting MA course is here.

Information on the scholarships is here.

The application form is here.

What previous Chinese students have said about this MA:

  • “I loved the core module; the module taught me many related theories and the basic background, which was useful for the further study of the global education. The placement module covered many interesting topics and useful skills, and was very good experience for further work.”
  • “The best aspect of MA GEID was the placement. I have improved my communication skills and it was beneficial for me to work with colleagues and managers. I recommend this course because it is not only about learning academic knowledge but also accessing work experience.”


If interested, please contact Dr Emily F. HendersonAssistant Professor of International Education and Development, Centre for Education Studies, University of Warwick

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